EnBac B850 One-Year Supply

EnBac B850 One-Year Supply
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EnBac® B850 contains a specially formulated range of adapted high-performance microorganisms and micronutrients which, when added to your compost heap, will help to break down the organic matter faster and improve the quality of the resulting compost. The year supply contains 52 sachets, to use one per week.

EnBac® B850  should also improve the smell around your compost heap. It works directly on the odour-causing compounds by initiating a process of hydrolysis and bioxidation.

The microbes in EnBac® B850 cause nitrogen fixation creating a better fertilizer value. The nitrites and nitrates formed are a stable form of nitrogen, which are then readily available to the plants in your garden.

This product uses our unique 'water-soluble sachet' system to make dosing simple. No need to measure or handle the product directly.

Easy to use.

Simply drop one sachet of EnBac® B850 into a watering-can. Fill with 2 - 5 litres of water. We recommend that you stir the water, so that the water-soluble sachet has disappeared and the powder is fully mixed. Then, drizzle the contents of the watering-can over the top of the heap.

EnBac® B850  can be used on open compost heaps, or in plastic or wooden composters.  

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