We are the 'Bug Doctors' ~ we prescribe the bugs that can fix your waste water problems. We manufacture and sell high quality biological products.

For Septic Tank cleaning choose EnBac® SK3, the environmentally friendly Septic Treatment additive.

Frequently Asked Questions about septic tank cleaning 


All our products are made with environmentally friendly and naturally occurring biological microbes.


They are designed to help you clean your home and keep it smelling fresh.


If you have a touring caravan, a motor home, a mobile home, a boat or a second home we can help you keep them fresh and clean too.


There are products to keep your drains clean and running freely; to maintain your septic tank; and to improve your compost heap.


And products for Hotels, Cafes, and B&B's including grease trap cleaner products.


It’s not just drains that cause funny smells in the home, so do some pets. We have products to help with those too.




We are Clean Round The Bend..........Are You?