About Us[1]

We are the 'Bug Doctors'


Clean Round The Bend is a division of Bio-Systems Corporation which is a family-owned company that has manufactured environmentally friendly biological cleaning products for use in industry since 1986.

All our products are made with environmentally friendly and naturally occurring biological microbes ~ we call our microbes 'bugs'.

Our products are regularly used in some of the largest industrial plants in the world and they are used in thousands of fast-food outlets, restaurants, hotels and holiday parks every day.

You can use our products in your home as well ~ to keep it smelling fresh by keeping your waste pipes and drains clean and running freely.

You can also use our products in your caravan, motor home, mobile home, or boat. We also have products for use in your garden and for your pets.

Products for our UK customers are stocked at and shipped from our Carlisle warehouse. Products for our European and World-wide customers are either shipped by us from our Carlisle warehouse or by one of our International Distributors.

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Carlisle, UK


When you buy from Clean Round The Bend, you buy with confidence.

Confidence that: ~

  • Our products are manufactured under ISO 9001 approval;

  • You are buying from an independent, family-owned and run company;

  • You are buying from the manufacturer;

  • You are buying from a company with over 20 years experience in wastewater treatment products.


We are Clean Round The Bend..........Are You?