EnBacŪ SK3 4-Sachet Kickstart Pack

EnBacŪ SK3 4-Sachet Kickstart Pack
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Easily Maintain your Septic System by adding "Good" Bacteria - THE KICKSTART PACK

Simply flush one sachet of EnBac® SK3 down the loo, one per night for 4 nights and you will add 75 BILLION hard-working "good" bacteria to clean up the system each night. This will help to re-establish the biomass after emptying or if the septic tank has been under-used for a while.

When functioning properly, household wastes are collected in your septic tank and then broken down, liquefied, and deodourized by the naturally occurring bacteria. Because this process is biological, it is easily upset and may stop working. Then the sludge starts to build-up and smells become a problem. 


                                       AFTER YOU HAVE KICK-STARTED YOUR SYSTEM.

Please note - The Kickstart pack contains smaller sachets designed to be used daily over 4 days; the EnBac® SK3 supplied in the 'Year Supply' is a larger sachet designed to be flushed down the loo once a month. 

EnBac® SK3 is safe to use as directed. It is completely natural and environmentally safe, containing no corrosive chemicals, caustic or acids, and is hazard free. It will not damage metal, ceramic, or plastic parts of the drainage system.

This product uses our unique 'water soluble pouch' system to make dosing simple. No need to measure or handle the product directly.

For best results dose last thing at night to allow the organisms to remain in the drains for as longs as possible, reducing odours here as well as being carried down to the septic tank to work.

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